Thursday, July 9, 2009

Back to Reality

After a picture perfect birthday, the next day would be such a let down. I recieved an email stating that my mentor from my school called the School Board and was told that Morrison may not be able to support my student teaching experience at their school. I am hopeful that this will not affect my PCE Assignment completion. Well after determining that a FBI and a TBI background check was enough to go into the classroom, which is ridiculous since I had just finished doing this to get into the school in March. The end result is that I left a message on the person's phone and he was actually kind enough to call me back. I was happy to have the opportunity to have an interview set up for Monday afternoon at 2pm. Hopefully, it goes well and I can student teach, if not in Morrison than somewhere close by! There are several schools near by including West, Bobby Ray, and Hickory Creek. I am a little down having worked so hard establishing professional relationships and have finally learned my way around Morrison Elementary. I am just trusting that God will send me to the right place for my own good! But I really hope that I end up in a classroom environment where the teacher is friendly. I have learned that a teacher that does not want anyone in thier room can make your life difficult.
Oops I almost forgot, Today is Thursday...I am thankful that at least I got an interview...and two assignments turned in tonight!

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