Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Best Birthday so far...

Today I turned 31, Tim my DH turned 35.

Today was AWESOME! To begin with we slept to about 9am, and woke up with no official plans. We decided to head towards Murfreesboro, something that I have not really done, it is only about forty-five minutes away but has a lot more to do than McMinnville.

We went through Center Town and Woodbury

I drove there we drove around, got kinda cranky/grumpy so we stopped to have lunch at BK. Double Stackers all around it was great!

Then after driving by the Boys and Girls twice we opted to stop by and buy a Murfreesboro map. We went to the mall that everyone raves about and well we kinda liked Books a Million, but the rest was not our cup of tea. Then we decided to go and find Target, along the way we found Toys R Us, and a Sno cone. And we stopped in at Pier Import one, nothing great there. Oh yeah and we went to Party City, and got some things for the Children Worship Kids....

I was so pleased to not have anxiety while driving in a place I did not know. I have always struggled with driving and nearly passing out when I get into traffic or lost, I believe that this may have made my day. It has been an eternity since I did not feel like I was going to have a panic attack....so pleased. I hope this is a new leaf.

We came home for a little bit, had dinner at the Chinese Restaurant, went to Praise Practice, and then ran a few errands...picked up a Madea movie to watch and invited the MIL and SIL to ice cream and cake. We ended up playing Let's Make a Deal and watching a movie until 3am!

We had a great birthday! The weather was nice, the family got along and we even had a small adventure. Maybe this birthday will be the start of a great year!

We went back home then another way through Manchester

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