Friday, July 24, 2009


is the Final Two Praxis Exams....and I can not bring myself to really study anymore. I am nervous but just as nervous about getting there than I am trying to complete the exam.

I feel horrible and nothing has gotten done today, tomorrow 2 major exams and a few hours at the church to finish the cleaning.

This has been a pretty bad week, ending with a no on a question that should have been a yes and the worst cramps ever!

Tomorrow should go smoothly though, i hope

pray for me if you are the praying kind

Monday, July 20, 2009

manic monday

Today hardly feels worth remembering but instead it is blog worthy because it started out awful and well continued to get worse. Today after paying our phone bill and buying groceries, we are completely broke minus about twenty dollars. With the upcoming raise of minimum wages, we are going to really be facing some hard financial times. Mainly because our wages stay the same and everything else goes up. Sigh, but God provides.
I spent several hours on the phone to determine that
1. Tim should be eligible for Loan Consolidation
2. THe Direct Loan Consolidation department did not sent the correct or any papers to the US Department of Education. I called one verified that they did not have the papers that were sent on the 24th of June, so back to the drawing board. It is another classic example of the fact that the more government involvement the more paper work and the longer it takes to get what sould be a simple process completed. It sucks, at this point, Tim won't be able to start school until January, We had hoped for an August start. This would get him into the mentality of study and work before I began my adventures in student teaching. I am hoping by some miracle that everything can get processed quickly! This opens up more options and a bit more money which we so desparately need.
My back is killing me, I am going to go lay down on our mattress and try and get some pain free relief.
The only highlight of this day was that I did complete two assignments, I can not wait to get this class done, hopefully so I can have a few days not in a classroom or doing classwork. Ugh tonight I am exhausted....thanks to anyone still reading...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I spent the entire day on the phone

But the end result was what I wanted..I passed my first two Praxis exams, so two down and two more on the 25th. I hope that I can manage to pass those as well. I was upset over the confusion because it said I passed according to Tennessee State Standards but not WGU. This was an error because the scores are required for their alternative Utah licensure after Master degree, I missed that score by three points. But nevertheless, I did pass for what I needed by 15 points in fact. I was so excited that at least the first two are a pass.
I did hate that it took me three hours and several calls to get the final answer and that my mentor did not know the right information, which is becoming the norm these days. Oh well another milestone at least half way through

I was also happy to see that my taskstream assignments are now saying 14/24. This means only ten more assignments and if I hurry through them maybe a week or so of being school assignment free before the next semester....It is still really hard because each assignment now means about four parts to each task. I am still nervous about going to talk with the new principal I am in hopes that she will be understanding and let me get five more assignments completed so at least my PCE will get finished. Hopefully that is a win win. I want the opportunity to complete my PCE Assignments and say goodbye or at least say until we meet again based on where I do finally get a job.
We are still on hold for Tim, his loan is still in cert status. so we are still waiting to see that it is okay for him to get to going to school. I am believing that God will remove any complications that stand in the way for him to go to school. This clearance will not only open the school opportunity but we believe the door to really open the door to do God's will. Much prayer for us as we once again wait on the Lord. My hopes is that it comes quickly so there are not issues with financial aid At Liberty. Tim, and I guess I am bias, but being his spouse and living with him day in and out I can honestly say that He tries to serve God and live his life in a way that would be pleasing to God. Thank you God for all the blessings even in this trying time.
Beyond school news, my heart was touched by my Hubby, he put up a link about Married Couples Without Kids, and a list of things people say, mostly in good intentions. He doesnt talk to me about this though a few times he has held me and said "babe, there just isn't anything I can do about it now. But I love you and I do believe somehow we will one day be parents." Bless him for hurting with me and desiring that God will grow his family.
Somedays, my faith waivers, but most days I know that God loves us, even in the bad times, but I need to see these things work out well. Prayer that God will help us reach our goals for a happy future.

Monday, July 13, 2009

School Update!

I had to have an interview with Bobby Cox today, to obtain permission from him to go do my Student Teaching in January, I was disappointed that I won't get to complete that at Morrison but the reality is that West Elementary is a lot closer and hopefully will be another experience to prepare me for a job Teaching in Warren county. He was nice and open minded about my school and made me feel really good about my school being NCATE certified. Woo Hoo good job WGU!
I did make a call today and found out that I will know the scores from my first two praxis exams tomorrow by 5pm Eastern. And even as I blog, I am trying to see what is going on with my Hubby's school so that He can get on working towards his dreams. I have really enjoyed, well mostly enjoyed, spending some time together talking about life goals and the directions we want our lives to take, I feel priviledge to be on the track to being a teacher and happy that there is only three academic classes remaining..and then a cohort seminar, student teaching, and student really it is almost over! This time next year, I will be interviewing again but for a Teacher happy! So excited! So nervous!
I am really hoping that Tim will also get a chance to follow his heart and pursue his dreams...if you are the praying kind...
Please pray for Tim and specifically that his loan will qualify for Loan Consolidation so he can get the funds to complete his master degree. This is a vital part of getting the ball rolling into our future. I am excited that he got into Liberty and happy that once he completes his Master Degree he can obtain another degree to get a better job.
I sure hope that tomorrow finds me excited about passing praxis exams!!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Back to Reality

After a picture perfect birthday, the next day would be such a let down. I recieved an email stating that my mentor from my school called the School Board and was told that Morrison may not be able to support my student teaching experience at their school. I am hopeful that this will not affect my PCE Assignment completion. Well after determining that a FBI and a TBI background check was enough to go into the classroom, which is ridiculous since I had just finished doing this to get into the school in March. The end result is that I left a message on the person's phone and he was actually kind enough to call me back. I was happy to have the opportunity to have an interview set up for Monday afternoon at 2pm. Hopefully, it goes well and I can student teach, if not in Morrison than somewhere close by! There are several schools near by including West, Bobby Ray, and Hickory Creek. I am a little down having worked so hard establishing professional relationships and have finally learned my way around Morrison Elementary. I am just trusting that God will send me to the right place for my own good! But I really hope that I end up in a classroom environment where the teacher is friendly. I have learned that a teacher that does not want anyone in thier room can make your life difficult.
Oops I almost forgot, Today is Thursday...I am thankful that at least I got an interview...and two assignments turned in tonight!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Best Birthday so far...

Today I turned 31, Tim my DH turned 35.

Today was AWESOME! To begin with we slept to about 9am, and woke up with no official plans. We decided to head towards Murfreesboro, something that I have not really done, it is only about forty-five minutes away but has a lot more to do than McMinnville.

We went through Center Town and Woodbury

I drove there we drove around, got kinda cranky/grumpy so we stopped to have lunch at BK. Double Stackers all around it was great!

Then after driving by the Boys and Girls twice we opted to stop by and buy a Murfreesboro map. We went to the mall that everyone raves about and well we kinda liked Books a Million, but the rest was not our cup of tea. Then we decided to go and find Target, along the way we found Toys R Us, and a Sno cone. And we stopped in at Pier Import one, nothing great there. Oh yeah and we went to Party City, and got some things for the Children Worship Kids....

I was so pleased to not have anxiety while driving in a place I did not know. I have always struggled with driving and nearly passing out when I get into traffic or lost, I believe that this may have made my day. It has been an eternity since I did not feel like I was going to have a panic pleased. I hope this is a new leaf.

We came home for a little bit, had dinner at the Chinese Restaurant, went to Praise Practice, and then ran a few errands...picked up a Madea movie to watch and invited the MIL and SIL to ice cream and cake. We ended up playing Let's Make a Deal and watching a movie until 3am!

We had a great birthday! The weather was nice, the family got along and we even had a small adventure. Maybe this birthday will be the start of a great year!

We went back home then another way through Manchester

Friday, July 3, 2009


That is exactly where I am at in most stages of my life, educationally, financially, emotionally, even in my goal of being a Mommy....Today while I took my lunch break I made a list of everything I am waiting for:
1 day until the fourth of July
3 days until our Birthday ( Tim my DH, ME, and my dad) --I'm not so excited, this just means that not only am I getting older so are my eggs :(
3 weeks until I take the next set of Praxis exams to get a Teacher License in TN
5 weeks ( we hope less) until Tim gets the final answer on his financial aid situation
6 weeks unti School starts back at Morrison ( this is something I am looking forward because I need to finish those five PCE Assignments still)
8 weeks until Tim starts classes at Liberty ( assuming that week five works out...)
11 weeks student loan money--thank goodness for student loan forgiveness, I hate to take a loan but this time I really have to, we are so barely almost making it!
Now that was weird enough to take the time to make a list and check with a cell phone calendar but here is where is got weird
25 weeks until Christmas
26 weeks until 2010
27 weeks until Student Teaching Begins
40 weeks until I complete student teaching
42 weeks until I graduate....
And then hopefully insurance and a RE Appt.
I know silly, but in a really strange way this list makes me feel a little better. Like there is a plan...I am sure this is a sign of my OCD.....but lists are my thing as well as numbers.........
So here is my question, what is on your list? What are you waiting for?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thankful Thursday

So here it is again. Time to take a few minutes and be thankful. I am thankful that the same guy who is doing my PCE Assignments is also handling my student teaching.
I am thankful that Mrs. Tidwell, said last year that she would be willing to let me student teach in her class. I hope to benefit greatly from her twenty years of teaching and am so happy that she is willing to let me learn from her. I have a little concern over having one or two children from church in that classroom but in a small community and working in two churches there may be no way to avoid this issue.
This doesn't sound positive, but I am thankful that we are over half way through with this year. This year has been rough emotionally, physically, and financially. I am eager to complete this year and along with it the remainder of my book work so that I can focus on my student teaching experience. Come on 2010! I am also eager for the decision to be made to determine when Tim gets to start school: August, September, or January!
I am also thankful that my Dad sent me a birthday card, it is nice to be remembered. In this card was twenty five dollars, his grocery list, and a piece of paper that says simply Happy Birthday! I am not sure if the list is what he wants me to buy or if it just another sign of him wanting to get errands run quickly to get on the parkway and drive. My guess, since the weather is good, is parkway driving.
I am thankful even for all of this work, because in the end, I hope it ends with a new career and a chance to pull our family out of poverty! Wish me luck.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wordless Wednesday---Blast from the past!

Here are some pics from mine and Tim's childhood.
I love this picture of him and his sister Betty.
I love how 70's it is and how it looks like Tim is having to explain something to someone.

This picture is of me playing, I am willing to bet that my sister Marsha, put my hair up. I loved these skid proof pj's with feet. Why don't they make those for adults?

This picture is hilarious, I love Tim in a tie and I love the expression. I think he is saying why am I with these people and why must they continue to take pictures?
This was taken in April of 1982. I was four and I am sure this was part of my Easter gifts. It shows that my love of shopping was taught and my Mom encouraged me.


Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Wow, my ADHD mixed with Spring Fever and nothing is getting completed. I am so tired of my life feeling like a huge to do list and feeling like if I don't do it it won't get done. Unfortunately, my house is a wreck and my hubby is unbothered by it. I, however, and really annoyed! I never thought that going to school online would affect my life in this way but it is amazing the amount of things I have had to let slide due to the fact that I have assignments to complete. I hope that in the end, I can land a decent job and make all the sacrifices that both Tim and I have endured worthwhile. I really enjoyed VBS at Morrison but now I feel like I am paying for the decision to be involved in that because my due date for completion has not budged it must be done by the 15th of July. It isn't exactly hard but WGU is very writing intensive and as the classes progress there are more assignments per class. On a brighter note, this is class 30 out of 40. 40 is the number of graduation, and several of my classes are student teaching and one is a cohort seminar, and one is making a professional portfolio. So in reality, the class that I am currently enrolled is the longest. Then there are two more specific subject classes and a content exam over all of the latest material. So really if I can jump over this class, I am in the homestretch. I have eight tasks completed with a pass, two tasks that need to be revised, and one that if I answer one question and make a worksheet I should pass hopefully. So I need to get busy!
It is hard to believe that at age thirty, I am experiencing such full blown summer fever. I think this shows me that working in a classroom environment year round, like Cookeville, might have it's own set of challenges.
The other part is the four Praxis exams that are required in the state of Tennessee, so far, I have taken two of them...won't know if they are a pass until July 11th. And I have two more exams, that I need to take on the 25th of July. I hope that they are all a pass so I don't have to come up with an additional 150 dollars a piece!
We have given up time out enjoying life and time with each other, we have given up vacations and money. I really hope that this time in school will end with me getting a job as the economy seems to crumble, I am losing some hope.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

So excited!

Today I got the long awaited email, that it is time to start setting up my Student Teaching Demonstration experience in January. I really hope that it goes smoothly. I am upset over having to start over the PCE experience with only five assignments remaining, hopefully I can get the new principal to let me finish these assignments as well as complete my student teaching there. I am trying not to panic and rejoice in the fact that soon I will be at that part and before I know it I will graduate and be on to marketing myself and hopefully landing a great job! I want to work with kids, come on I am ready!
I am also ready to have insurance, complain about how poor I am as I plan a vacation, and eat out every once in a while. The casual luxuries are things that I am eager to participate in. And even though I am so grateful for the job that I now have, I can't wait to be able to stop cleaning the church and clean my own house every once in a while.

Somedays are better when they are over....

Today seems to be one of them. Billy Mays died today, I know the world is still frantic over Micheal Jackson and Farrah Fawcett but this one did me in. Why? I am not sure, I just felt like Billy Mays enjoyed life, and it saddens me that at fifty he is dead. I lost my mom when she was only 50, I was eighteen and not at home. But here it is, just because you are not home does not mean you don't love them, she unfortunately chose men over her kids. I have struggled with this for years but here is the reality, if just one person was an adult then I could have had an almost normal childhood, but alas, I had a crappy one. Now, let the record show as a teenager I made a few really bad decisions but why didn't anyone hang in there and fight for me. I wasn't a monster. Just sayin' I think for this reason, and maybe this reason alone, one day I will either adopt from an adoption disruption or take in long term foster placements. I am trying to mentally get myself ready for a difficult journey where there is no guarantee that in the end you get to keep the kid. But I have already traveled that path and learned there are no guarantees in life. You put the kid first, make the best decision, and move forward. Well at least you try to keep going.....A child is a gift, and not everyone gets gifts. Some days, I feel like a Jehovah Witness on my birthday....sorry bad joke. I was venting!
Today is almost over at this place, just one more church service where we sing and eat ice cream and I want to "get it over with" Don't get me wrong, I like visiting with the people from my church, I just feel really bad emotionally and physically. Tim is going to play his banjo, now that should be entertaining. At least he warned the folks. As for us, we will serve the Lord, so for now I am going to kiss my Hubby, call my MIL, and get on the road.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Raindrops keep falling down my face

I am headed for a full size break down. I am exhausted emotionally and physically. The reasons are so varied that it hurts my head to even think about it. Tonight was the end of the VBS, and the kids raised 250 items or so for Mexico! This made me really happy, but the sad videos full of people who lose their family and risk their lives to just say I am a Christian....and we barely make it out of bed. It really convicted me that I need to do more and be more.

My heart is broken as kids came and offered a hug or a smile, I had to watch them get on a bus, and wonder if they would be welcomed home with love. My arms ached for a child, why are there so many people who never want kids and have millions and I long for just one child to love and claim as my own! I also am sad because I long to go on the Mission trip and there is no way financially I can afford to go and if I could Tim's health is not good enough to safely go. I know this isnt his fault but I get angry because this is not what I signed up for. Don't get me wrong, I adore my hubby but it is so unfair that things are so hard for him and that it has always been that way. Come on insurance! I wanted a simple life, a couple of kids, a small little house and a summer vacation every year, but all of these feel like a lifetime away. I keep telling myself that it will get better, but at times, I seriously believe that my life is hard and that no matter what I do it will just stay that way.

Then the latest news, my Mother in Law, is having a mole removed and we are going to have to wait for feedback, on whether or not it is Cancer.
VBS is over, but no rest for me, tomorrow I will be cleaning a trashed church, and then on to a busy next week-----Sunday church and SNAP with music! Monday-Mom to the Doctor and errands and laundry to catch up, Tuesday---Praise first possible day off is next Thursday...I need a vacation, a real one away from family and friends. Away from even my church family! I love them but I need a break!

Prayers are needed

Today I took my Mother in Law to the doctor, for her usual monthly bloodwork. My SIL noticed a place on her left shoulder, after pointing it out to the doctor today it is going to be biopsied and sent off to see if it is in fact Cancer. This is of great concern for us for obvious reasons. Pray that the removal goes well and that by next week we will get a good report. Please pray for peace for all of us as we play the waiting game.
Here are some of my favorite pictures of Nancy, my mother in law.

Here she is with her daughter and son on Tim's ordination day.
Here is one from Christmas 2006 in Missouri

Here is one from Christmas 2008

Here she is with two of her oldest grandsons, Josh and Roger.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Just a few pics from VBS 2009 at Morrison First Baptist Church

Wednesday Night, Tonight, is the Best Day Possible at VBS, Eleven Saved!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Survived Day one VBS

Tonight went pretty well, there was only one class that was kinda rough, but I hear they were rowdy through out and not just in my class. One class was two minutes early but that was a minor point and the teacher was eager for them to get started with the lesson. I love the kids, it is still kinda hard to have adults stare at me while I am in the middle of the lesson. I am so excited about all of the things that they are getting the chance to learn. I hope that the next four nights are just as good. ....the kids have fun and well its all about them! So glad that this went well. I need to go work on my school stuff, so I don't fall behind. It is so hard to do VBS, my usual running, and still not fall behind in my school I am gonna work on an assignment.

VBS...DAy one

I am so terrified, as a future teacher that probably should not be sharedm but well it is the truth. I am doing Mission Harbor at VBS for 6 groups of kids, in twenty minute intervals....and as well as I have prepared I am still pretty scared. I just dont want to blow it. I know VBS is not life threatening but I am so well aware that I really want these kids to know :
Two Things
1. That Jesus Loves them
2. That I love them
and that they matter.
I wonder if someone had invested in my life when I was young would I still struggle with self esteem or still have such rough food issues?

I have most everything set up perfectly thanks to a dedicated Hubby and the recently elected Sound man..I also got some help from My MIL. I hope this goes well and that there are no major traumas.......UGH!
I cant wait to gather together and get some pics!!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Father's day

later today I need to call my dad. This holiday is awkward as Hallmark doesn't carry a my childhood sucked but thanks for giving life to me selection. As I have shared in previous posts, I hope that we develop a closer relationship. In the perfect world, I would live a little closer and get to attempt to rebuild a life with him as a friend. But I guess that is impossible, he has a new wife and a step son that due to being laid off --love the economy--is staying with them for the most part. I am still thankful and hope that we can get closer, I hope he knows I love him.

This day is hard, because I wonder will I ever have a chance to tell my DH Happy Father's day? I long to be able to give him a healthy son or daughter, something that is 50% both of us and yet 100% perfect in spite of us.

I have just spent the last hour putting together the final touches for Children Worship Dad Day Craft and we are talking about Abram's faith and how he left when God told him to and went into uncharted waters. I wonder if this will be true for us as we begin to explore infertility treatments and search for more information...

Morrison First Baptist, starts VBS, pre-registration tomorrow night at 6pm. If you can come on out and bring your Dad, we will be happy to give him a hotdog too!!!
The VBS decorations are awesome and the planning is extraordinary thanks to the Shirley and Jack Best, and their daughter Tanya....Wow it is over the top and the kids are gonna love it!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Tonight, I guess I am feeling guilty because my room for VBS is not decorated and everyone else's is probably perfect already. But wait, I am trying to be positive. I know exactly what decorations I want to put up and I know exactly what I need. So all in all there is no reason to fret. I am really pleased with the lighthouse decoration that Tim made and the pallet that Pastor Chris picked up for me. So even if my room is the ugliest in VBS, I am glad to be a small part of what I hope will result in children coming to know the Lord.

I am learning to wait. It appears that is what I am learning because at every point in my life there seems to be things that I just have to wait and see what happens.....Four weeks until I get the results for my first set of praxis exams, five weeks until I finish taking the rest of the tests that lead to a teacher license, next week until I see how VBS goes.....and now another big thing that I have to wait for.

I wonder why as an adult it is still hard to keep a secret? But here I am dying to share my secret and having to be quiet and wait.
Well for now, I am going to finish watching the Yes Man with Tim, lovin the free rental codes. Go redbox!!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for so many things. It is interesting that sometimes we get so busy with day to day tasks that we fail to see that life is good. I am thankful for Tim starting to feel better. At this point, he can usually sit , lay, and stand for a period of time with little pain. This is an improvement after injurying his sciatic nerve at the end of April.
I am happy to have met another goal of meeting the goals set with my mentor. My next goal will be the hardest yet. I have to finish the current class and all 24 tasks by July 13th. If I can reach this goal, I will have a small break until classes begin again in September. Of course after the tenth of August, I will be back in the classroom. I am thankful for being able to go to school and work with excellent teachers and students and learn so much from everyone.
I am happy to have a Hubby that is dedicated to things that are important to me. We have been through so much as a couple and I love that things that are important to me are also important to him. For example, he has worked hard to make a lighthouse for VBS in between uploading the church website, getting the video up of the sermons, planning out music, working on ideas for choir specials, and school work. He is awesome and I appreciate that when I have a need he really cares and tries to help me get the results that I need. I am thankful also that even as dedicated as he is to me that I can count on him to be actively seeking God's will for His life and for direction on which way our little family should go with decisions.
I am thankful for my Conception Obsession friends, they are a great support group for anyone who is having trouble getting pregnant.
I am thankful for the children at Living Waters Church, I love love love teaching Children Worship and it is really helping my relationship with my MIL. We make a great team when it comes to helping the kids learn about Jesus. I am so excited about the new lessons on the Hall of Faith and I am excited about after VBS getting to redecorate the Living Water Children's Area.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Almost Wordless Wednesday

My First Bulletin Board
now in my dining area........

A sign of the School where I have completed my PCE Assignments and maybe my student teaching

This was my professional attire pic.
I think the sweater vest is very teachery.....

and a little too fluffy, sigh!

( okay Wordless Wednesday is a chance to share pics)

Since I am in School are a few pics about adventures on the way to a teaching degree...
I still have nine months until I finally graduate... Come on March 2010!!!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

and then it hit me

Yesterday, was out usual hectic Sunday. Children Worship went really well, and I learned so much about Rahab, and in general as I prepare to teach the kids. I never knew how landing in a job would cause me to grow or how much I would truly love it. Church was good, it is odd, that our Pastor was preaching a message so similar to what we heard at a local revival last week. Tim had an opportunity to teach Sunday night, but the part that stuck out was that the pastor said, Tim is currently enrolling in Liberty, and working towards a master degree, so he will need some practice so that he is prepared to preach one day. I guess I knew this, but at those words, it hit me that the reality is we won't always be serving at these two churches and we may not always be in this area. I don't know why I am a little slow but it was overwhelming. I was already emotional having come from a baby shower. I had a moment where I really longed to play with a child. Luckily, there was a baby getting a little squirmy so off we went to the nursery. I played blocks with the baby, and let him chew on a book, teething and before I knew it he was fighting to keep his eyes open and so I rocked him to sleep and thought what a priviledge to be able to love these children and concentrate on their needs. I felt a little bad missing my hubby's talking but between my ADHD, a squirmy baby, and my need to process I think it was a good choice. It turned out well as said baby's grandma came and talked to me and I did not even realize how much we needed to talk. Isn't it funny how we often don't realize how much we need other people until we finally slow down and take the time to chat. I hope I encouraged her and I hope that she knows how much I appreciate her as well.
Last night, it was so nice to come home and make dinner and just be with my Hubby. I adore him. I know that I am blessed to have a great hubby, he has his character flaws, but how lucky I am to always feel safe--physically and emotionally.
Today, was good so far. I did the usual running around, bank, krogers, mcdonalds, lowes--to get the lighthouse supplies! So excited to have a chance to decorate finally for VBS that is right around the corner. I am thrilled that Tim is making me a lighthouse and I really hope that it turns out good. I am eager to get it all set up, I need to make a dock, make a lighthouse, hang a few posters, make a few posters, make a note for the parents, copy pictures onto the boxes for the Mexico mission trip and so much more!!!!!! I also need to study the book, and wach the video, but I guess I got a week, it should be great!
I still need to clean, do laundry, plan out the meals for the week, and finish my grocery shopping. Not to mention that in three days, I need to have several more assignments turned in so I am blissfully busy!
Cant wait to post pics!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

2 Down and 2 to go

Today I got up much too early and took two Praxis Exams at Tennessee Tech. 170 multiple choice questions and three essays later, I think I passed both exams. I won't know for four more weeks and I have two more exams scheduled for July 25th. So two down and two to go. I am so thankful for sister in law driving huge tests really stress me out and I don't want to have a panic attack on top of the usual test anxiety.

Tim and I were thrilled to have a dinner for less than four dollars, we took advantage of the free wednesday Arby's deal, well it gets better! If you call in or take an internet survey about your visit they give you a code that can be redeemed for a free roast beef or beef and cheddar we bought drinks and enjoyed a free sandwich....

Other news, I am planning on attending a baby shower tomorrow, I was able to get the cutest little girl things without a break down and can be sincerely happy for the momma to be. This may not seem like much to other people but I count this as a small miracle. I know that right now having a baby would be financially irresponsible and waiting until we can financially afford a small one is the right thing to do.

Well I am still behind on my studies so I am off to complete another assignment or two and I still need to review my Children Worship lesson. This is not so exciting but this is my life and I am really blessed to have the opportunities that I do have....

Oh yeah VBS is coming up really soon, Tim is making me a lighthouse, and now that I have a pallet, I am on my way to having a dock...Mission Harbor! So excited!!!! It all comes back to Jesus!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for these pictures.
They remind me that there was some good times with my family.
Even if I don't really remember them.

I am thankful for the relationship in progress that I now have with my Dad.
And for this trip when he came to see me in December 2007.
And I am thankful for his wife, Rodessa, she is good to me and to my dad.
I am glad that he is not alone.
I am so glad that she is going to retire in January.
I hope that they get to travel the world together
and enjoy the rest of the time they have.

I am also thankful for these memories in Nashville.
Tim and I have never really had a true vacation.
And this escape was needed!
Hopefully we can see each other soon.

Almost Wordless Wednesday

A chance to share a few pics and explain what they are......

This is an Elvis car that was drive by a 72 year old very fun lady. We met her in Paducah, KY on our move to Tennessee. Goes to show that age is just a number. I am not a huge Elvis fan but this lady had the best attitude and her kids got her car designed for her.
St. Louis Bridge
A rare pretty thing in Missouri
But for me it is beautiful because it marked the ending of our lives in Missouri.

This is a Fountain in Downtown McMinnville, Tennessee
If you look for beauty, you can find it anywhere......

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Future is so bright, I am gonna need shades

I am so excited! Why you ask? Today rocked....If you are following my blog, you know that my lovely DH is on his way to getting a Church Evangelism and Church Planting from Liberty. I love that he is excited about the degree and that he feels like he is on the right track. I have been so excited to see God answer this prayer as well as to see my Hubby talk about his future ambitions for God's Kingdom. I feel honored to have him finally begin sharing his dreams with me, as well as knowing that he does dream!
And as you have all heard, I have been dreaming about being a elementary teacher, and now the rest of the story plays in. I have always had a heart for Hispanic children, because my mom came from another country I have always been intensely aware that their are often cultural dynamics as well as other issues that face these children in addition to the fact that they have to learn a very difficult language. English can be very hard, then add in slang and dialect differences and it can seem a bit much. But here is what I am trying to get to, as soon as I complete my bachelor degree next March, I am going right into taking my Master of Arts Degree in English Language Learning. This is an interesting degree in that not all the states offer these classes. But I think I can say that I can go without teaching in WV, AL, WY, WI, SC, or SD. I think this is going to be a great option for me, letting me still have some opportunities to interact with children in small groups and open up several option to instruct at the community college level. This makes me really excited! Another journey is starting...I am so excited!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Feels like a Monday....

Today was kinda a late start and I loved it! I really enjoyed company but there is nothing wrong with one day a week sleeping in and waking up in my Hubby's arms. I love Mondays, it is mostly our day off. We did have to put gas in the car, pay a bill, and grocery shop...but we got such great deals thanks to my Hubby's dedication to the best deal. It is such a simple thing, but I adore having him along with me for the ride. I also think I was especially happy for not having to go into the dread WalMart.
What is going on in our lives????
Well Tim traded a violin for a banjo, and is making progress at a fast pace. I must admit it isn't my favorite thing but he loves it and loving him..well it is part of the deal. Though I must admit, he is so naturally talented it is crazy to watch him pick up a new instrument so quickly.

Tim, has decided to pursue a Master of Arts in Evangelism and Church Planting....this is definitely a God thing. The way he got in was odd and his acceptance into a Master level degree even odder. But the only foreseeable down side is if he can start in August or if he has to wait until January...Either way, I am so proud of him!!!!

I am still working diligently on becoming a teacher and all in all it really isn't so far off from the point where I can hopefully get a good job. I should graduate in March.People say I am crazy for wanting to teach but I really don't think it is that bad of a get most evenings and weekends off and at least two months in the summer.And even thirty thousand beats what we are managing to live on now. And I really love kids, twenty five with a well planned lesson and a great classroom routine works pretty well. My next hurdle is taking and passing my first two praxis exams this upcoming Saturday! So nervous, I will be so relieved when they are over. If I don't pass the exam I get another chance to pass in September but at ninety dollars per test I really hope I pass the first time.

I am taking a hand writing class, I got the first two lessons back today and I got a 15/16 on both of them. 93% is not such a bad start in my opinion. I was pleasantly surprised. I must get back into working on these lessons because I can not believe how much I have enjoyed having four days school free.

Not a lot else, Tim and I have made the determination to live in poverty for the next year forsaking a real vacation, weekends away, eating out, or even real movies but this allows us to reach our academic goals in 2010....Somethings are worth the work to reach them.....I just hope that family and friends understand that we care about them but money only stretches so far...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

I get by with a little help from some friends

Well, last night, my sweet DH's former college roommate and his wife came to visit. In the end, they ended up staying the night and we talked until nearly 3am. It wouldnt have been so hard except for the obligatory get up and feed thing before we set out to go to both church services. It was well worth it though because I got to talk to Amanda and hope that maybe we can develop into real friends. I loved hearing the stories about the long ago college days of my Hubby and reliving a part of his life that was pre-Melissa. The awkwardness was gone due to the fact that we had met up in Manchester when they were headed near our house on their way to vacation. Ah vacation--a concept that seems quite foreign to me these days. So I had the opportunity to talk to her about the fact that they did not have children, she says it "gets better" and has a little dog that is like a child to her. I appreciate her honesty and the fact that she has come to a point that she doesn't think about not having children. I wonder if this will be my reality in seven more years. For now, I just plain cant see that happening. But it was nice to see a couple that didn't beat the odds still love one another.
Completely off the subject, I have always thought that if I was a "good girl" that I would not struggle with so many issues in marriage, relationships, and life in general. Amanda was a good girl, she was such a good girl that if I did not know her I would think she was a goody goody and be uncomfortable but guess what sometimes our past really doesnt matter? And then while I was learning this life lesson, it was reinforced with the sermon about mercy and God granting mercy and how we need to stop limiting what we can do because of our past. Do you know what Jim Baker is doing? Jim Baker has remarried, they have adopted a child from every continent and are in the process of building Mercy Center for troubled youth that other places refuse to take. Wow, funny how we define people by their mistakes and yet they still can do so much good?
So today, I guess I get through the turmoil by making new friends, forgiving myself and others, and trying to keep reaching out instead of wanting to be by myself.....

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Change my heart oh God

I dont want to feel this way and I dont want to be this way. But here I am again, tears running down my face, avoiding yet another baby shower and jealousy rearing its ugly head. I am genuinely excited for my friends unexpected miracle, it is not every day at 39, that you find out you are going to have another baby especially the same year that one graduates. This woman is my friend, I want to wish her well. But as I cleaned the church yesterday and saw the baby shower items begin to take over the fellowship hall, sadness was all that I could feel aching and pushing at the edges of my sanity. Luckily, the lady who brought the bassinet didnt hang around long, and I had a moment or two to cry my eyes out. Three years, no protection, and still no baby? I am 31 soon lord, I have made so many mistakes but why cant you grant me a baby, just one? My hubby is and always has been a good man, can he not be a father? My DH, says that it doesn't bother him like it does me, because we dont have the money or insurance to find out how to fix it. He also adds, that one day he thinks we will be parents. My heart is breaking, and I can not live and thrive in this pain on an everyday basis. Why does infertility really overcast all other areas of life. It is like an overcast and I really dont know how much longer I can take the heart break of empty arms. So this is my prayer, Change my heart God, please if you are not going to let me be a mom, then take the longing the emptiness the jealousy the hatefulness, help me to have a day or two where I do not feel incompetent or irregular. Help me to love others, even whent they are complaining about there blessings and help me to refocus...