Saturday, June 13, 2009

2 Down and 2 to go

Today I got up much too early and took two Praxis Exams at Tennessee Tech. 170 multiple choice questions and three essays later, I think I passed both exams. I won't know for four more weeks and I have two more exams scheduled for July 25th. So two down and two to go. I am so thankful for sister in law driving huge tests really stress me out and I don't want to have a panic attack on top of the usual test anxiety.

Tim and I were thrilled to have a dinner for less than four dollars, we took advantage of the free wednesday Arby's deal, well it gets better! If you call in or take an internet survey about your visit they give you a code that can be redeemed for a free roast beef or beef and cheddar we bought drinks and enjoyed a free sandwich....

Other news, I am planning on attending a baby shower tomorrow, I was able to get the cutest little girl things without a break down and can be sincerely happy for the momma to be. This may not seem like much to other people but I count this as a small miracle. I know that right now having a baby would be financially irresponsible and waiting until we can financially afford a small one is the right thing to do.

Well I am still behind on my studies so I am off to complete another assignment or two and I still need to review my Children Worship lesson. This is not so exciting but this is my life and I am really blessed to have the opportunities that I do have....

Oh yeah VBS is coming up really soon, Tim is making me a lighthouse, and now that I have a pallet, I am on my way to having a dock...Mission Harbor! So excited!!!! It all comes back to Jesus!

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