Saturday, June 20, 2009

Father's day

later today I need to call my dad. This holiday is awkward as Hallmark doesn't carry a my childhood sucked but thanks for giving life to me selection. As I have shared in previous posts, I hope that we develop a closer relationship. In the perfect world, I would live a little closer and get to attempt to rebuild a life with him as a friend. But I guess that is impossible, he has a new wife and a step son that due to being laid off --love the economy--is staying with them for the most part. I am still thankful and hope that we can get closer, I hope he knows I love him.

This day is hard, because I wonder will I ever have a chance to tell my DH Happy Father's day? I long to be able to give him a healthy son or daughter, something that is 50% both of us and yet 100% perfect in spite of us.

I have just spent the last hour putting together the final touches for Children Worship Dad Day Craft and we are talking about Abram's faith and how he left when God told him to and went into uncharted waters. I wonder if this will be true for us as we begin to explore infertility treatments and search for more information...

Morrison First Baptist, starts VBS, pre-registration tomorrow night at 6pm. If you can come on out and bring your Dad, we will be happy to give him a hotdog too!!!
The VBS decorations are awesome and the planning is extraordinary thanks to the Shirley and Jack Best, and their daughter Tanya....Wow it is over the top and the kids are gonna love it!!!

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