Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Wow, my ADHD mixed with Spring Fever and nothing is getting completed. I am so tired of my life feeling like a huge to do list and feeling like if I don't do it it won't get done. Unfortunately, my house is a wreck and my hubby is unbothered by it. I, however, and really annoyed! I never thought that going to school online would affect my life in this way but it is amazing the amount of things I have had to let slide due to the fact that I have assignments to complete. I hope that in the end, I can land a decent job and make all the sacrifices that both Tim and I have endured worthwhile. I really enjoyed VBS at Morrison but now I feel like I am paying for the decision to be involved in that because my due date for completion has not budged it must be done by the 15th of July. It isn't exactly hard but WGU is very writing intensive and as the classes progress there are more assignments per class. On a brighter note, this is class 30 out of 40. 40 is the number of graduation, and several of my classes are student teaching and one is a cohort seminar, and one is making a professional portfolio. So in reality, the class that I am currently enrolled is the longest. Then there are two more specific subject classes and a content exam over all of the latest material. So really if I can jump over this class, I am in the homestretch. I have eight tasks completed with a pass, two tasks that need to be revised, and one that if I answer one question and make a worksheet I should pass hopefully. So I need to get busy!
It is hard to believe that at age thirty, I am experiencing such full blown summer fever. I think this shows me that working in a classroom environment year round, like Cookeville, might have it's own set of challenges.
The other part is the four Praxis exams that are required in the state of Tennessee, so far, I have taken two of them...won't know if they are a pass until July 11th. And I have two more exams, that I need to take on the 25th of July. I hope that they are all a pass so I don't have to come up with an additional 150 dollars a piece!
We have given up time out enjoying life and time with each other, we have given up vacations and money. I really hope that this time in school will end with me getting a job as the economy seems to crumble, I am losing some hope.

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