Sunday, June 28, 2009

So excited!

Today I got the long awaited email, that it is time to start setting up my Student Teaching Demonstration experience in January. I really hope that it goes smoothly. I am upset over having to start over the PCE experience with only five assignments remaining, hopefully I can get the new principal to let me finish these assignments as well as complete my student teaching there. I am trying not to panic and rejoice in the fact that soon I will be at that part and before I know it I will graduate and be on to marketing myself and hopefully landing a great job! I want to work with kids, come on I am ready!
I am also ready to have insurance, complain about how poor I am as I plan a vacation, and eat out every once in a while. The casual luxuries are things that I am eager to participate in. And even though I am so grateful for the job that I now have, I can't wait to be able to stop cleaning the church and clean my own house every once in a while.

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