Friday, June 19, 2009

Tonight, I guess I am feeling guilty because my room for VBS is not decorated and everyone else's is probably perfect already. But wait, I am trying to be positive. I know exactly what decorations I want to put up and I know exactly what I need. So all in all there is no reason to fret. I am really pleased with the lighthouse decoration that Tim made and the pallet that Pastor Chris picked up for me. So even if my room is the ugliest in VBS, I am glad to be a small part of what I hope will result in children coming to know the Lord.

I am learning to wait. It appears that is what I am learning because at every point in my life there seems to be things that I just have to wait and see what happens.....Four weeks until I get the results for my first set of praxis exams, five weeks until I finish taking the rest of the tests that lead to a teacher license, next week until I see how VBS goes.....and now another big thing that I have to wait for.

I wonder why as an adult it is still hard to keep a secret? But here I am dying to share my secret and having to be quiet and wait.
Well for now, I am going to finish watching the Yes Man with Tim, lovin the free rental codes. Go redbox!!!!

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