Monday, June 8, 2009

Feels like a Monday....

Today was kinda a late start and I loved it! I really enjoyed company but there is nothing wrong with one day a week sleeping in and waking up in my Hubby's arms. I love Mondays, it is mostly our day off. We did have to put gas in the car, pay a bill, and grocery shop...but we got such great deals thanks to my Hubby's dedication to the best deal. It is such a simple thing, but I adore having him along with me for the ride. I also think I was especially happy for not having to go into the dread WalMart.
What is going on in our lives????
Well Tim traded a violin for a banjo, and is making progress at a fast pace. I must admit it isn't my favorite thing but he loves it and loving him..well it is part of the deal. Though I must admit, he is so naturally talented it is crazy to watch him pick up a new instrument so quickly.

Tim, has decided to pursue a Master of Arts in Evangelism and Church Planting....this is definitely a God thing. The way he got in was odd and his acceptance into a Master level degree even odder. But the only foreseeable down side is if he can start in August or if he has to wait until January...Either way, I am so proud of him!!!!

I am still working diligently on becoming a teacher and all in all it really isn't so far off from the point where I can hopefully get a good job. I should graduate in March.People say I am crazy for wanting to teach but I really don't think it is that bad of a get most evenings and weekends off and at least two months in the summer.And even thirty thousand beats what we are managing to live on now. And I really love kids, twenty five with a well planned lesson and a great classroom routine works pretty well. My next hurdle is taking and passing my first two praxis exams this upcoming Saturday! So nervous, I will be so relieved when they are over. If I don't pass the exam I get another chance to pass in September but at ninety dollars per test I really hope I pass the first time.

I am taking a hand writing class, I got the first two lessons back today and I got a 15/16 on both of them. 93% is not such a bad start in my opinion. I was pleasantly surprised. I must get back into working on these lessons because I can not believe how much I have enjoyed having four days school free.

Not a lot else, Tim and I have made the determination to live in poverty for the next year forsaking a real vacation, weekends away, eating out, or even real movies but this allows us to reach our academic goals in 2010....Somethings are worth the work to reach them.....I just hope that family and friends understand that we care about them but money only stretches so far...

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