Monday, June 22, 2009

VBS...DAy one

I am so terrified, as a future teacher that probably should not be sharedm but well it is the truth. I am doing Mission Harbor at VBS for 6 groups of kids, in twenty minute intervals....and as well as I have prepared I am still pretty scared. I just dont want to blow it. I know VBS is not life threatening but I am so well aware that I really want these kids to know :
Two Things
1. That Jesus Loves them
2. That I love them
and that they matter.
I wonder if someone had invested in my life when I was young would I still struggle with self esteem or still have such rough food issues?

I have most everything set up perfectly thanks to a dedicated Hubby and the recently elected Sound man..I also got some help from My MIL. I hope this goes well and that there are no major traumas.......UGH!
I cant wait to gather together and get some pics!!!!

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