Monday, June 22, 2009

Survived Day one VBS

Tonight went pretty well, there was only one class that was kinda rough, but I hear they were rowdy through out and not just in my class. One class was two minutes early but that was a minor point and the teacher was eager for them to get started with the lesson. I love the kids, it is still kinda hard to have adults stare at me while I am in the middle of the lesson. I am so excited about all of the things that they are getting the chance to learn. I hope that the next four nights are just as good. ....the kids have fun and well its all about them! So glad that this went well. I need to go work on my school stuff, so I don't fall behind. It is so hard to do VBS, my usual running, and still not fall behind in my school I am gonna work on an assignment.

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