Monday, June 15, 2009

and then it hit me

Yesterday, was out usual hectic Sunday. Children Worship went really well, and I learned so much about Rahab, and in general as I prepare to teach the kids. I never knew how landing in a job would cause me to grow or how much I would truly love it. Church was good, it is odd, that our Pastor was preaching a message so similar to what we heard at a local revival last week. Tim had an opportunity to teach Sunday night, but the part that stuck out was that the pastor said, Tim is currently enrolling in Liberty, and working towards a master degree, so he will need some practice so that he is prepared to preach one day. I guess I knew this, but at those words, it hit me that the reality is we won't always be serving at these two churches and we may not always be in this area. I don't know why I am a little slow but it was overwhelming. I was already emotional having come from a baby shower. I had a moment where I really longed to play with a child. Luckily, there was a baby getting a little squirmy so off we went to the nursery. I played blocks with the baby, and let him chew on a book, teething and before I knew it he was fighting to keep his eyes open and so I rocked him to sleep and thought what a priviledge to be able to love these children and concentrate on their needs. I felt a little bad missing my hubby's talking but between my ADHD, a squirmy baby, and my need to process I think it was a good choice. It turned out well as said baby's grandma came and talked to me and I did not even realize how much we needed to talk. Isn't it funny how we often don't realize how much we need other people until we finally slow down and take the time to chat. I hope I encouraged her and I hope that she knows how much I appreciate her as well.
Last night, it was so nice to come home and make dinner and just be with my Hubby. I adore him. I know that I am blessed to have a great hubby, he has his character flaws, but how lucky I am to always feel safe--physically and emotionally.
Today, was good so far. I did the usual running around, bank, krogers, mcdonalds, lowes--to get the lighthouse supplies! So excited to have a chance to decorate finally for VBS that is right around the corner. I am thrilled that Tim is making me a lighthouse and I really hope that it turns out good. I am eager to get it all set up, I need to make a dock, make a lighthouse, hang a few posters, make a few posters, make a note for the parents, copy pictures onto the boxes for the Mexico mission trip and so much more!!!!!! I also need to study the book, and wach the video, but I guess I got a week, it should be great!
I still need to clean, do laundry, plan out the meals for the week, and finish my grocery shopping. Not to mention that in three days, I need to have several more assignments turned in so I am blissfully busy!
Cant wait to post pics!

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