Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I spent the entire day on the phone

But the end result was what I wanted..I passed my first two Praxis exams, so two down and two more on the 25th. I hope that I can manage to pass those as well. I was upset over the confusion because it said I passed according to Tennessee State Standards but not WGU. This was an error because the scores are required for their alternative Utah licensure after Master degree, I missed that score by three points. But nevertheless, I did pass for what I needed by 15 points in fact. I was so excited that at least the first two are a pass.
I did hate that it took me three hours and several calls to get the final answer and that my mentor did not know the right information, which is becoming the norm these days. Oh well another milestone at least half way through

I was also happy to see that my taskstream assignments are now saying 14/24. This means only ten more assignments and if I hurry through them maybe a week or so of being school assignment free before the next semester....It is still really hard because each assignment now means about four parts to each task. I am still nervous about going to talk with the new principal I am in hopes that she will be understanding and let me get five more assignments completed so at least my PCE will get finished. Hopefully that is a win win. I want the opportunity to complete my PCE Assignments and say goodbye or at least say until we meet again based on where I do finally get a job.
We are still on hold for Tim, his loan is still in cert status. so we are still waiting to see that it is okay for him to get to going to school. I am believing that God will remove any complications that stand in the way for him to go to school. This clearance will not only open the school opportunity but we believe the door to really open the door to do God's will. Much prayer for us as we once again wait on the Lord. My hopes is that it comes quickly so there are not issues with financial aid At Liberty. Tim, and I guess I am bias, but being his spouse and living with him day in and out I can honestly say that He tries to serve God and live his life in a way that would be pleasing to God. Thank you God for all the blessings even in this trying time.
Beyond school news, my heart was touched by my Hubby, he put up a link about Married Couples Without Kids, and a list of things people say, mostly in good intentions. He doesnt talk to me about this though a few times he has held me and said "babe, there just isn't anything I can do about it now. But I love you and I do believe somehow we will one day be parents." Bless him for hurting with me and desiring that God will grow his family.
Somedays, my faith waivers, but most days I know that God loves us, even in the bad times, but I need to see these things work out well. Prayer that God will help us reach our goals for a happy future.

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