Monday, July 13, 2009

School Update!

I had to have an interview with Bobby Cox today, to obtain permission from him to go do my Student Teaching in January, I was disappointed that I won't get to complete that at Morrison but the reality is that West Elementary is a lot closer and hopefully will be another experience to prepare me for a job Teaching in Warren county. He was nice and open minded about my school and made me feel really good about my school being NCATE certified. Woo Hoo good job WGU!
I did make a call today and found out that I will know the scores from my first two praxis exams tomorrow by 5pm Eastern. And even as I blog, I am trying to see what is going on with my Hubby's school so that He can get on working towards his dreams. I have really enjoyed, well mostly enjoyed, spending some time together talking about life goals and the directions we want our lives to take, I feel priviledge to be on the track to being a teacher and happy that there is only three academic classes remaining..and then a cohort seminar, student teaching, and student really it is almost over! This time next year, I will be interviewing again but for a Teacher happy! So excited! So nervous!
I am really hoping that Tim will also get a chance to follow his heart and pursue his dreams...if you are the praying kind...
Please pray for Tim and specifically that his loan will qualify for Loan Consolidation so he can get the funds to complete his master degree. This is a vital part of getting the ball rolling into our future. I am excited that he got into Liberty and happy that once he completes his Master Degree he can obtain another degree to get a better job.
I sure hope that tomorrow finds me excited about passing praxis exams!!!!

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