Monday, July 20, 2009

manic monday

Today hardly feels worth remembering but instead it is blog worthy because it started out awful and well continued to get worse. Today after paying our phone bill and buying groceries, we are completely broke minus about twenty dollars. With the upcoming raise of minimum wages, we are going to really be facing some hard financial times. Mainly because our wages stay the same and everything else goes up. Sigh, but God provides.
I spent several hours on the phone to determine that
1. Tim should be eligible for Loan Consolidation
2. THe Direct Loan Consolidation department did not sent the correct or any papers to the US Department of Education. I called one verified that they did not have the papers that were sent on the 24th of June, so back to the drawing board. It is another classic example of the fact that the more government involvement the more paper work and the longer it takes to get what sould be a simple process completed. It sucks, at this point, Tim won't be able to start school until January, We had hoped for an August start. This would get him into the mentality of study and work before I began my adventures in student teaching. I am hoping by some miracle that everything can get processed quickly! This opens up more options and a bit more money which we so desparately need.
My back is killing me, I am going to go lay down on our mattress and try and get some pain free relief.
The only highlight of this day was that I did complete two assignments, I can not wait to get this class done, hopefully so I can have a few days not in a classroom or doing classwork. Ugh tonight I am exhausted....thanks to anyone still reading...

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