Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thankful Thursday

So here it is again. Time to take a few minutes and be thankful. I am thankful that the same guy who is doing my PCE Assignments is also handling my student teaching.
I am thankful that Mrs. Tidwell, said last year that she would be willing to let me student teach in her class. I hope to benefit greatly from her twenty years of teaching and am so happy that she is willing to let me learn from her. I have a little concern over having one or two children from church in that classroom but in a small community and working in two churches there may be no way to avoid this issue.
This doesn't sound positive, but I am thankful that we are over half way through with this year. This year has been rough emotionally, physically, and financially. I am eager to complete this year and along with it the remainder of my book work so that I can focus on my student teaching experience. Come on 2010! I am also eager for the decision to be made to determine when Tim gets to start school: August, September, or January!
I am also thankful that my Dad sent me a birthday card, it is nice to be remembered. In this card was twenty five dollars, his grocery list, and a piece of paper that says simply Happy Birthday! I am not sure if the list is what he wants me to buy or if it just another sign of him wanting to get errands run quickly to get on the parkway and drive. My guess, since the weather is good, is parkway driving.
I am thankful even for all of this work, because in the end, I hope it ends with a new career and a chance to pull our family out of poverty! Wish me luck.

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