Friday, July 3, 2009


That is exactly where I am at in most stages of my life, educationally, financially, emotionally, even in my goal of being a Mommy....Today while I took my lunch break I made a list of everything I am waiting for:
1 day until the fourth of July
3 days until our Birthday ( Tim my DH, ME, and my dad) --I'm not so excited, this just means that not only am I getting older so are my eggs :(
3 weeks until I take the next set of Praxis exams to get a Teacher License in TN
5 weeks ( we hope less) until Tim gets the final answer on his financial aid situation
6 weeks unti School starts back at Morrison ( this is something I am looking forward because I need to finish those five PCE Assignments still)
8 weeks until Tim starts classes at Liberty ( assuming that week five works out...)
11 weeks student loan money--thank goodness for student loan forgiveness, I hate to take a loan but this time I really have to, we are so barely almost making it!
Now that was weird enough to take the time to make a list and check with a cell phone calendar but here is where is got weird
25 weeks until Christmas
26 weeks until 2010
27 weeks until Student Teaching Begins
40 weeks until I complete student teaching
42 weeks until I graduate....
And then hopefully insurance and a RE Appt.
I know silly, but in a really strange way this list makes me feel a little better. Like there is a plan...I am sure this is a sign of my OCD.....but lists are my thing as well as numbers.........
So here is my question, what is on your list? What are you waiting for?

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